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Colour Therapy - Quick Reference Guide



Associated System


Power, Ego

Stomach, gall bladder, liver, pancreas


Physical and Spiritual Communications

Ears, mouth, hands, throat


Love, Responsibility

Heart, lungs, thymus


Transmission of Ideas and Information

Pituitary gland, central nervous system and cerebral cortex


Grounding and Survival

Gonads, kidneys, spine, sense of smell


Color therapy practitioners use these colors to bring about a change and to enhance the natural healing processes of the body. The color may be applied onto the body or a part of the body by means of colored light.

The fact that colors do affect us in many ways is evident by the simple phrases 'feeling blue' and 'red hot'. Studies have shown that an individual's heartbeat tends to increase when he's in a red room and comes back to normal when he enters a blue-colored room.

For example, the color orange is best for people suffering from digestive ailments and those with weak immune systems. Red works wonders for increasing blood circulation and stimulating the body and mind. Yellow color energizes the muscles and nerves and is also beneficial from those suffering from paralysis.

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